Pilgrim’s Digress (the whole shebang)

Because the written ending felt underwhelming, I chose to tag on one more older comic for a somewhat more satisfying conclusion. Spatsby and Sal are kind of set in their ways, but Blinky needed to stay malleable and free to grow more as a character, hence the lackluster original resolution. It felt more fitting to use one of the first Blinky and Sal comics that really captured the spirit of the strip and Blinky’s ideology as a proper finale, I think.  
Originally seen on Patheos.

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Exclusive Interview with Luna

A coquettish Luna Torres poses in her underwear to promote science or something.

Interviewer: Luna, you are perhaps the only regular human character in the comic strip Blinky & Sal.

Luna: I guess so. Yeah. Huh. Never really thought about it before. Weird.

Interviewer: You made your debut in a 4 part story arc called “Luna” on July 27, 2015.

Luna: Gosh. Was it that long ago?

Interviewer: You were quickly established as a mad scientist. What kind of mad science do you do?

Luna: Oh, you know. Mad botany. Mad meteorology. Mad oceanography. Mad cosmology. Mad particle physics. Mad cryptozoology. Et cetera. I guess I’m what you’d call a Renaissance mad scientist. Sometimes I literally just take random beakers of chemicals and pour them together without even measuring.

Interviewer: Do you have any hypotheses before you begin an experiment?

Luna: Nope. Most of my experiments are unrepeatable anyway so…y’know.

Interviewer: I see you stick more to the mad part than the science part.

Luna: Play to your strengths! [laughing]

Interviewer: Now, you have drawn some harsh criticism for your controversial experimentation on live animals. What would you say to your critics?

Luna: I would just like them to know that my animal test subjects always—

Rogue Bat: Don’t answer it, Luna!!!

Interviewer: How did you get in here?

Luna: Blinky?!

Rogue Bat: They just want to expose you to scandal and use your body to sell ad space! I can’t stand idly by and watch you be so exploited by a vile and lascivious media.

Interviewer: Somebody call animal control. I think it’s rabid.

Luna: Blinky, I’m giving an interview. Go back to the lab. I’ll be done in an hour. Seven, tops. What’s gotten into you?

Rogue Bat: Luna, I’ve wanted to tell you for so long. I lo—

[At this point the varmint was tasered, tranquilized, caged, and removed from the premises by authorities.]

Interviewer: Whew. Your fans certainly are out there.

Luna: Sorry about that. I’ll take a look at his brain when I get home. I got a new band saw I wanted to test out anyway. It’ll be a fun way to wind down after my first photo shoot.

Interviewer: Thank you for talking with us today. Luna can be seen popping up in new episodes of Blinky & Sal on Patheos.

Luna: Thanks! Keep on sciencing, everybody!