A Word or Two About Time Travel Safety with Bath Benny

The Blinky and Sal timeline has been reset. Everything is back to normal now. Todd never killed himself. Sal is not in a vegetative state. Spatsby is out of jail. It has all been restored thanks to the valiant efforts of Bathtub Benny. Take my word for it.

Straight from the Pit of HellToddspeed, and Propaganda.


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Deus App Machina

One of the great things about having a character that can travel through time is that literally nothing matters after that. It’s basically cheating. And, no. I don’t think just being aware of that fact gets me off the hook for lazy writing.

Straight from the Pit of HellToddspeed, and Propaganda.


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Joncast – Keepers of the Secret Keys: Episode 1, The First Episode

Apologies in advance for the low volume on this one. The rest are more better.

In this episode Jon enjoys popcorn while hearing about barbers, time travel, the Philippines, the orchestra, and book reviews…also Fry’s Electronics. Eat it HERE Completely random and totally inane.



A few of the short films I’ve had the pleasure of appearing in.

Someone made an homage to “The Dark Knight” and they asked me to be the Commissioner Gordon character because I had a mustache. 2009

The real Santa Claus. A movie as inane and ludicrous as the song that inspired it. 2010

Just for fun we made us some waffles. 2011

Murder! A hit and run driver tries to dispose of a troublesome body. 2009

I play a cat pervert. 2011

A silly, little short we all helped write involving a bored poet and a wayward time traveler. 2008

Pantomime getting beat up outside can get the cops called on you. 2011

A scene that my friend re-shot from Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood.” 2008

One of my first experiences on camera. My roommate asked me to play his weird roommate and I figured I already play that role well in real life so… 2007

I have a very brief cameo as a ping pong player.