Exclusive Interview with Luna

A coquettish Luna Torres poses in her underwear to promote science or something.

Interviewer: Luna, you are perhaps the only regular human character in the comic strip Blinky & Sal.

Luna: I guess so. Yeah. Huh. Never really thought about it before. Weird.

Interviewer: You made your debut in a 4 part story arc called “Luna” on July 27, 2015.

Luna: Gosh. Was it that long ago?

Interviewer: You were quickly established as a mad scientist. What kind of mad science do you do?

Luna: Oh, you know. Mad botany. Mad meteorology. Mad oceanography. Mad cosmology. Mad particle physics. Mad cryptozoology. Et cetera. I guess I’m what you’d call a Renaissance mad scientist. Sometimes I literally just take random beakers of chemicals and pour them together without even measuring.

Interviewer: Do you have any hypotheses before you begin an experiment?

Luna: Nope. Most of my experiments are unrepeatable anyway so…y’know.

Interviewer: I see you stick more to the mad part than the science part.

Luna: Play to your strengths! [laughing]

Interviewer: Now, you have drawn some harsh criticism for your controversial experimentation on live animals. What would you say to your critics?

Luna: I would just like them to know that my animal test subjects always—

Rogue Bat: Don’t answer it, Luna!!!

Interviewer: How did you get in here?

Luna: Blinky?!

Rogue Bat: They just want to expose you to scandal and use your body to sell ad space! I can’t stand idly by and watch you be so exploited by a vile and lascivious media.

Interviewer: Somebody call animal control. I think it’s rabid.

Luna: Blinky, I’m giving an interview. Go back to the lab. I’ll be done in an hour. Seven, tops. What’s gotten into you?

Rogue Bat: Luna, I’ve wanted to tell you for so long. I lo—

[At this point the varmint was tasered, tranquilized, caged, and removed from the premises by authorities.]

Interviewer: Whew. Your fans certainly are out there.

Luna: Sorry about that. I’ll take a look at his brain when I get home. I got a new band saw I wanted to test out anyway. It’ll be a fun way to wind down after my first photo shoot.

Interviewer: Thank you for talking with us today. Luna can be seen popping up in new episodes of Blinky & Sal on Patheos.

Luna: Thanks! Keep on sciencing, everybody!