Pilgrim’s Digress (the whole shebang)

Because the written ending felt underwhelming, I chose to tag on one more older comic for a somewhat more satisfying conclusion. Spatsby and Sal are kind of set in their ways, but Blinky needed to stay malleable and free to grow more as a character, hence the lackluster original resolution. It felt more fitting to use one of the first Blinky and Sal comics that really captured the spirit of the strip and Blinky’s ideology as a proper finale, I think.  
Originally seen on Patheos.

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The Spider House Rules (full story)

Originally seen on Patheos. Follow the adventures there to never miss a new Blinky & Sal comic.


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BIG MOVE – looking to the future!


The soul searching bat you love will be hosted on a new website! Blinky, Sal, Spatsby, Luna, Todd, and the rest will still pop up here at The Big Insane Happy, but for the latest adventures check us out at our new location. The gang will continue to have irreverent escapades and question society and you don’t want to miss it!

If you love these guys (because they love you and thank you for all your support), please follow them at their new home. They’d love for you to continue the journey with them!

Postings will be at more regular intervals than they have been on The Big Insane Happy. Right now looking like Mondays and Thursdays.

We’ve grown a lot since 2013 and there’s a whole lot more growing to do. Stay tuned.