New Book Available!!

I am pleased to announce that the second printed collection of Blinky and Sal comics is available to own on Amazon.

If you enjoyed Straight from the Pit of Hell, you’re definitely going to want to add Toddspeed to your shelf.

Propaganda will also be available soon so keep a sharp eye.

A very big thank you to all the people who enjoy the strip and support it.

It’s been a real joy to push myself to make two new comics a week and learn new tools and experiment with different ideas.

Stay weird. Just don’t let the darkness get the better of you.

Christmas be Fast Approachin’, Son

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Baby Names (for the expecting)

  • Agnes Kinkyscones
  • Roofy Bumbleford
  • Forrest Bramblythickets
  • Spiggy Hughes
  • Horatio Topplebin
  • Terence Hoofanmouth
  • Mounty McHorntripe
  • Sir Tugboat Plasticapples
  • Mangly Crandlethighs
  • Tatum Sturgeonberg
  • Sir Fortisquieu Weatherby Waxystaff
  • The Cockatrice
  • Rusty Braun
  • Beatrice Mathdiaper
  • Gort Newsworthy
  • Jeremy Tweedlybean
  • Briltoves Manxomfoe
  • Dweazleton Facemonger
  • Punchy Wagner
  • Beaky Scrotlesworth
  • Baggy Trundleshaft
  • Snakey Bitterthorpe
  • Sparky Dingoflats
  • Gladys Trannyflax
  • Soapy Cottonmouth
  • Tasty Coliseum
  • Horky Sauershorts
  • Chorkythaw Bunchyprivels
  • Popo Minolo
  • Butterscotch McRipplington
  • Lawrence Thundermuffins
  • Freshly McIronedshirts
  • Fritz Cockerspanielton
  • Dick Slickerton
  • Mookey Aloof Pedigrue
  • Iorwerth Talmage Sprainyerd
  • Pappy McSmearington
  • Florence Snakeybits
  • Teddy Bumblenubbins
  • Sir Count Baron Professor von Doctor
  • Isidore Ulysses S. Albatross
  • Tristan
  • Leander Westinghouse
  • Neville Wheelwright Pepeefeler III
  • Heironymous Strichnyne Elias Dysury von Bombast
  • Murray T. Milkmustache
  • Sir Baron Horst Ambrose Imbuntu Hiram Octavian von Chang Montesquieu Horatio Wilhelm Yamamoto Tatum Pellitier Steppenzutti Scrivener Sturgeonberg IX
  • Hacky Horshincrack
  • Dithers McTinnibinbins
  • Ralph Mayhew
  • Watery Nuzzlenort
  • Jasper Fleabork
  • McCormick Reatherather