There are millions of books out there. I made a couple of them.

Haunted Safari (2023)

My favorite collection so far! Welcome to the Haunted Safari. Here ye will discover a most murky and quirky gag strip; a mad cartoon realm full of gods, monsters, bats, beavers, depressed narwhals, cranky hole-dwellers, and other such inky, crusty critters. That’s how we like it around here.

year of the bat cover 2 RESIZE

Year of the Bat (2021)

Blinky, Sal, and the whole gang return from a year-long hiatus to survive the pandemic together in their fourth webcomic collection. This time in FULL COLOR.

The Book of Barb (2021)

The saga of a young barbarian girl named “Barb” as she traverses a dangerous world full of monsters, skelemen, and a disturbing deficit of grog.



Werewolves Don’t Celebrate Hanukkah (2022)

This picture book by Michelle Franklin is a whimsical look at Hanukkah traditions and teaches how werewolves might be incorporated into the festivities.

dragons don't celebrate passover cover

Dragons Don’t Celebrate Passover (2023)

A funny and informative book about Passover and its many traditions, and how dragons have been part of the holiday for centuries. 

orc saves christmas cover

The Orc Who Saved Christmas (2023)

Orcs don’t usually celebrate Christmas, but that won’t stop Darryn the kindhearted half-orc from celebrating by himself. After watching his mountain village celebrate the holiday without him for many years, a girl named Karla invites him to join the holiday festivities. Will a clever disguise and the power of friendship be enough to turn the hearts of the hard-hearted? It might take an orc-mas miracle!


Eyrbyggja Saga: a Tale from Old Iceland (2022)

Eyrbyggja Saga brings together the lives of many notorious settlers from Iceland’s early days. It weaves together their life stories as they laugh, cry, fight, marry and murder one another. It is a turbulent time that ushers in the age of Christianity, but not before the land is cursed by witches, ghosts, berserkers and blood rain.

Straight from the Pit of Hell (2018)

The first three chaotic years of Blinky and Sal all in one book. Here be a land inhabited by anxious bats, mustachioed hole-dwelling cynics, mouth-breathing religious zealots, mad scientists, gluttonous beavers, depressed narwhals, and capricious imaginary deities. Blinky and Sal is comic series for absurdists, in the truest sense.

Propaganda (2019)

Toddspeed (2019)

Toddspeed is the second collection of Blinky and Sal comics. Here be cartoons full of quirk, existential dread, and a touch of blasphemy. Whether you’re an anxious but optimistic bat or a cantankerous hole-dweller, there’s a gag in here for you.


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Woolly the Big Cow (2008)

A picture book for kids about a shy cow that can’t stop growing. As she runs from her problems, she is pursued by a greedy farmer, a hungry bear, and a vengeful pirate. I always loved cows. This is just a cute, little adventure for others who do too.