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“Barb” teaser poster, 2019
Edinburgh Fringe poster, 2019
Cat Dad, 2019
Kornog the Savage (for “Barb” comic), 2019
“Never forget.” 2019
Barb at sunset, 2019
“Old Man Wickersocks,” 2017
Romance is Unicorny, 2018.
Poster for Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2018
“Stop me,” 2017.
Red State Blue State, 2013.
“Red State Blue State,” 2013.
10 Magazine cover–medical issue, 2014.

Cover art for Straight from the Pit of Hell, 2018.

Welcome, North Korean Defectors, 10 Magazine 2015.
“Welcome, North Korean Defectors,” 10 Magazine, February 2015.
10eye color
“Oculus Drift,” 10 Magazine, January 2015.
dinosaur in street under chicken 2
“Real Life.” 2015
“Todd Creates.” 2015
“Bear-y Christmas.” 2013
Something bit me.
“Something bit me,” 2014.
“Dokdon’t Mention the War,” 10 Magazine, November 2014.  
“The Box Collector,” Groove Magazine, December 2014.
From 10 Magazine, September 2014.
“Hell’s Metro,” 10 Magazine, September 2014.
Elusive Contentment
“Elusive Contentment,” 2013.
Secret Keys
“Secret Keys,” 2011.
Fat Star Wars
“Fat Star Wars,” 2011.
“Timber,” 2011.
From “Kuu Bear and the Last Adventure Before Bedtime,” 2009.
Love Bites (poster design for “Maybe It’s You: a romantic sketch comedy“), 2017.
Cyclopath poster for Edinburgh Fringe one-man-show, 2019
Penultimate “Blink and Sal” comic, 2019

J. Burrello

contact at: jonathan.d.burrello@gmail.com