Welcome, friend!

I am a wandering comic artist and the creator of Haunted Safari, Barb, and more.

I have had many jobs over the years. I’ve been a pizza slicer, a bookseller, a TV extra, a mail-house packer, a movie critic, a substitute teacher, a special needs aide, a forensics coach, an adjunct speech professor, an ESL teacher, a radio host, an online tutor, a comedian, an improv performer, a ghostwriter, a playwright, a storyboard artist, and an illustrator. But nothing has given me quite as much pleasure as filling a blank piece of paper with some dopey-eyed critters.

Awhile back (circa. 2009) I started doing the Secret Keys comic strip with one of my old roommates. So we invented The Big Insane Happy. Since then my artwork have appeared on a lot of websites, books, posters, and even a wall or two.

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More: BURRELLOSUBMARINE’S MOVIE BLOG is where I blog about movies. Also I have a few books available.

Looking to hire an artist/illustrator? email: jonathan.d.burrello@gmail.com