Welcome to my world, friend!

My name is Jonathan Burrello. I have had many jobs. I’ve been a pizza slicer, a bookseller, a TV extra, a mail-house packer, a movie critic, a substitute teacher, a special needs aide, a forensics coach, an adjunct speech professor, an ESL teacher, an online tutor, a comedian, an improv performer, a ghostwriter, a playwright, a storyboard artist, and an illustrator. And I’ve lived in New York, Kansas, California, South Korea, Spain, and Quebec. I’ve also been lucky enough to visit a lot of the countries in between. I’m kind of all over the place.

Awhile back (circa. 2009) I started doing the Secret Keys comic strip with my old roommate, Jon Stephens. So we invented The Big Insane Happy. Later collaborations have included comedians Wassim El-Mounzer and Dan Wiberg, and my work has appeared in Magic Bullet, 10 Magazine, Patheos NonreligiousToco Cat Comics, Waygeek, netSideBar, Groove Magazine, The Sequential Samurai, Art Nouveau Magazine, The Alternative Chronicle, and others. I have also performed with Stand-Up Seoul, Freshly ComedyStand Up Yours, Tringlish, Calimocho Kids, Box of Bees, Naked Dinerand Uncensored English. I am also on the board of advisers for the African Cartoon Centre. Professionally my illustrative work has appeared in magazines, educational texts, blogs, children’s literature, playbills, promotional billboards and posters, t-shirts, storyboards, and some art gallery showcases. PORTFOLIO.

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More: BURRELLOSUBMARINE’S MOVIE BLOG is where I blog about movies. Also I have a few books available.

Looking to hire an artist/illustrator? email: jonathan.d.burrello@gmail.com