Straight From the Pit of Hell (a Blinky and Sal collection)

The first 5 years of Blinky and Sal comics are AVAILABLE on AMAZON!!!

  • 132 beautifully printed pages.
  • 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches.
  • Gags and stories featuring Blinky, Sal, Spatsby, Luna, Todd Almighty, vampires, beavers, and more!
  • The gentle irreverence continues…

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Blinky and Sal have been appearing twice weekly on Patheos-Nonreligious channel.

So much. Finally started Instagramming and using Reddit. Still keeping the Facebook page going too. Too many things. I feel as though this original place, The Big Insane Happy, has almost become moot. But I can’t bring myself to let it go. I’ll still be posting the odd comic here, but I’ll definitely be more active on the other platforms.

I’m really trying to get a printed compilation of Blinky and Sal. Thinking of getting a Kickstarter going for that. In the meantime, you can support me on Patreon.

Pilgrim’s Digress (the whole shebang)

Because the written ending felt underwhelming, I chose to tag on one more older comic for a somewhat more satisfying conclusion. Spatsby and Sal are kind of set in their ways, but Blinky needed to stay malleable and free to grow more as a character, hence the lackluster original resolution. It felt more fitting to use one of the first Blinky and Sal comics that really captured the spirit of the strip and Blinky’s ideology as a proper finale, I think.  
Originally seen on Patheos.

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Gordy’s Comedy Promo Designs

So after doing standup comedy in Seoul, South Korea (and all over the peninsula) for 3 years I moved to Madrid, Spain. Not wishing to lose the touch, I sought out shows. Getting onstage consistently proved difficult so with some help and several talented expat comics we put together Gordy’s Comedy, a free (donations accepted) monthly English open mic. Our last show before a summer hiatus is June 4th. If you’re in the neighborhood, come on down for some drinks and laughs. (event page)

Gordy Comedy 1
The first Gordy.
Gordy Comedy 4
Gordy having a bit more fun.

gordy bear.jpg