Blinky’s Haunted Safari Begins

Blinky’s been away for a hot minute, but as things seem to get crazier around this ever-darkening little wet marble, it feels like high time to return to form. I hope this dumb little bat’s cozy innocence and wide-eyed naïveté stirs pangs of hope within you in the days ahead.

Blinky & Sal is being retooled to be Blinky’s Haunted Safari (Haunted Safari for short). Only time will tell how far it deviates from the previous strip. Hoping to get a little more spoopy.

Pilgrim’s Digress (the whole shebang)

Because the written ending felt underwhelming, I chose to tag on one more older comic for a somewhat more satisfying conclusion. Spatsby and Sal are kind of set in their ways, but Blinky needed to stay malleable and free to grow more as a character, hence the lackluster original resolution. It felt more fitting to use one of the first Blinky and Sal comics that really captured the spirit of the strip and Blinky’s ideology as a proper finale, I think.  
Originally seen on Patheos.

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