Dust Bunnies & Such: evolution of an idea

This was a quick project I did for a friend. A little show of how I work.

I was told to design a dust bunny cartoon for a cleaning company. This is the first wave of ideas I had. (Inked illustrations)

After showing the first page and some discussion and getting a clearer idea of what they wanted I tweaked the ideas and expanded on the specific things they asked for (i.e. fake ears, no movement, etc.).

Once the desired dust bunny was chosen I set to color it.

Once initial digital coloring was finished I added a gradient for depth. In this case I actually prefer the flatter image to the gradient one, but I let the client choose.

There it is. Evolution of a logo character.

Joncast – Keepers of the Secret Keys: Episode 2, the Third Recorded Episode.

In this episode we got book reviews, mystery food, chopsticks, the origins of Easter, terrible food from the Philippines, idioms, and ads! Eat it HERE. Completely random and totally inane.