Stop Me

After killing in Tokyo, the mighty atomic lizard tries for the Big Apple.

*I wish I could credit the photograph element, but it was a random find on Google awhile ago. If whoever took the skyline photo wants credit or to have this taken down, I can totally do that.

Gordy’s Comedy Promo Designs

So after doing standup comedy in Seoul, South Korea (and all over the peninsula) for 3 years I moved to Madrid, Spain. Not wishing to lose the touch, I sought out shows. Getting onstage consistently proved difficult so with some help and several talented expat comics we put together Gordy’s Comedy, a free (donations accepted) monthly English open mic. Our last show before a summer hiatus is June 4th. If you’re in the neighborhood, come on down for some drinks and laughs. (event page)

Gordy Comedy 1
The first Gordy.
Gordy Comedy 4
Gordy having a bit more fun.

gordy bear.jpg