Stand Up Seoul Comedy Challenge

We’ve done erotic fan fiction and unmade movie sequels, but this night we were given random photographs of weird people doing weird things and were challenged to write their biographies. I got a photo of a dude with a gigantic sub sandwich resting against his crotch region. Armed only with this bizarre image I wrote a series of limericks chronicling the man’s life. Enjoy.

Accent Battle!

Korean meal leads to an accent battle. Hopefully funny, possibly offensive. Yes, but no.

Featuring Jon Burrello and Wassim

Accents featured: New Zealand, Affable Midwestern Cowboy, Southern Gent/Plantation Owner, Jamaican, Old Timey Illiterate Prospector, Upper Class British, Russian, Indian, Nazi, Bond Villain (?), Vietnamese, Salty American Mechanic, Korean, Cockney, Arab, Jewish New Yorker, French, Italian, Boss Mobster, Weaselly Mobster, Angry Mobster, African (country uncertain), Christopher Walken, Native American, Flamboyant Homosexual, Valley Girl, Jamaican Auctioneer, Deaf, Heavily Medicated Beatle with a Deviated Septum (?), Brazilian, Smeagol/Gollum, Elmo, Bickering Indian Couple